Kassie of #KickKassBody

You guys, I had such a blast working with Kassie of #KickKassBody!  We did a chilly outdoor fitness shoot, but she absolutely crushed it!

Back story here – Kassie and I both attended Marquette University together for undergraduate and graduate school – so we’ve known each other for quite some time.  Though we both work as physical therapists, we’ve also found enjoyment outside of the rehabilitation world.  Kassie has excelled in her personal training platform, where she has built an empire helping women (and men) transform with custom online workouts and coaching.   She has definitely found her calling in serving others by helping them achieve the best physical version of themselves.

Kassie is breaking down barriers, and continues to bring a new and exciting spin to her #KickKassBody workouts.  Enjoy the gallery below, and if you’re in the market for a new workout routine, look to Kassie – she’s got you covered!

Want to learn more about Kassie?  Give her a follow on Instagram @kick_kass13 and on Facebook at KickKassBody!

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